LG 2330

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LG 2330
Vendor : LG
Announcement Date : 04 August 2006
Dimension : 103 x 42 x 15 mm
Weight : 65,3 g
Antenna : Internal
Operating Band : CDMA(800)
Network Data Support : None (Tidak Ada)
Primary Screen Size : 5 baris (3 baris SMS)
Primary Screen Type : STN
Primary Screen Color : Monochrome

LG finally began its CDMA mobile phone the first to Indonesia, LG actually has a lot of CDMA mobile phones, but there has never been to the Philippines only in Korea and other countries, LG is experienced in making CDMA mobile phones than GSM because the number of models and types of CDMA mobile phones it more, LG 2330 mobile phone is a single-band CDMA (800 MHz), without RUIM (inject), STN screen didn't (black and white) with a color screen and keypad backlight yellow, LG 2330 is marketed with a bundle package number Esia prepaid Talktime worth Rp 20,000 of 50 free SMS every month for 6 months.

Price offered LG CDMA mobile phones for low-end 2330 is very affordable, with Rp 525,000 then you can bring home some of the CDMA mobile phone that can be used directly, LG 2330 is mentioned as the "Ultra Slim Mobility." At the time of purchase mobile phones, the number of prepaid Esia it can not be selected because the numbers are already diinjekan into handphonenya.
LG 2330 has a body that size is quite small, 103 x 42 x 15 mm with a weight of 65.3 grams, the screen will have 5 lines of fruit, but when writing SMS is available only 3 rows and charging SMS on the menu there are facilities that use smileys 2 or 3 characters to their faces (feeling), the capacity of the SMS is given Inbox (incoming SMS) 30, Outbox (SMS sent) 30 box, and Draft (SMS, which still has not sent) 30 fruit and Archive (SMS, which has been entered and stored in order not to meet the Inbox) 30. There T9En facilities (facilities T9 English), which can be selected when the menu options are in English, but when the menu is in the choice of language functions T9Spa will come out, what is meant by the word "Spa" is still unclear instructions may be the use of the Spanish language (Spayol) that this is an error because at the time of testing writing SMS language is not recognized a word that means the LG 2330 did not have a language dictionary or an error there is a problem that can only be a firmware upgrade only.

To the memory phone book, LS 2330 to provide as many as 600 fruit and fruit is available every 4 field, although less visible than the other CDMA mobile phones, but this amount is enough to most people who choose the low-end mobile phones, this is because if the user requires a phone book greater then usually have a direct vote to normal class mid-end or high-end and very rarely prospective buyers low-end mobile phones is very important that the capacity phone book that many.

LG 2330 has 30 Polyphonic ringtone that is provided and to change the ringtone is only enough to press the button toward the bottom of the navigation and selection of a ringtone can be heard directly and can be changed, the sound of Polyphonic ringtone provided slightly less ngejreng. There Vibrate function (shakes), which can be activated if you are in the cinema, library, meeting or in place that can not be noisy, Vibrate function can be activated and in non-switch easily only by pressing and holding the "#" for 3 seconds. Button keypad can be locked only by pressing and holding down 0 (zero) and also how to open the same.

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