LG KG810

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LG KG810
Vendor : LG
Announcement Date : 25 August 2006
Dimension : 92 x 47 x 14.9 mm
Weight : 83 g
Antenna : Internal
Operating Band : GSM(900, 1800, 1900)
Network Data Support : GPRS Class 10
Primary Screen Size : 176 x 220 pixels
Primary Screen Type : TFT
Primary Screen Color : 65,536 color (16 bits)
Secondary Screen Size : 96 x 96 pixels
Secondary Screen Type : TFT
Secondary Screen Color : 65,536 color (16 bits)
The LG KG810 is a music orientated mobile phone which comes with a flip opening design. The casing is coated in a precious black coloured high gloss finish which gives the handset a smooth & polished look & finish. The handset is slim & slender which only measures 92 x 47 x 14.6 mm with the depth being only 14.6 mm it feels good to hold in one hand. The KG810 is a sleek & smooth handset which has dual screen for the user to enjoy when the phone is in its opened or closed position. The user can open their phone to reveal a large 262k colour screen & a well set out easy to use keypad. The user can close the handset & view an neat 65k colour screen & touch sensitive keys which glow when activated by touch but disappear when not in use & leaves a smooth clear exterior. The exterior touch sensitive keys allows the user to control their music whilst the handset in its closed position. The LG KG810 weighs 86 grams in total which is lightweight for the user to carry with them where ever they go. The KG810 comes with similar touch sensitive controls as the LG KG800 Chocolate which is from the same family as the LG KG810.

The user can simply press the dedicated music button once to access the music player mode & then the user can control their music using the touch sensitive music buttons which can be located externally on the KG810. The built in music player can play music in MP3, AAC & ACC+ formats & the phone supports MP3 or polyphonic ringtones with 64 voices. The phone comes with an integrated FM radio which allows the user to tune into their favourite FM radio station. The user can listen to radio chat shows, sports stations & hit music stations as well as gaining news & weather reports. The user can create their own top ten radio station list which will provide the user with easy access to their preferred radio stations.
The user can connect their mobile phone to compatible devices using a Bluetooth® wireless connection or a USB cabled connection. The user can transfer data & download music, games & photos using either Bluetooth® technology or a USB cable. The Bluetooth® technology allows wireless communication between compatible devices & allows the user to talk handsfree with a Bluetooth® headset. The LG KG810 comes with tri band technology which will allow the user to use their phone in the majority of Europe & in the USA which is dependent on the network operator. The user can access the World Wide Web using the WAP Web browser. The KG810 comes complete with 128 Mbytes of internal memory. The phone comes with a start up kit which includes a travel adapter, carrying strap, carrying pouch, stereo headphones & in line remote handset kit & USB cable.

The phone comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera which provides the user with a imaging feature complete with auto focus & 21 x progressive digital zoom. The user can take & store photos as JPEG files. The camera feature can take photos up to 1280 x 960 in size which the user can select using the photo effects & sizes. The user can select a multi shot mode which allows the user to capture nine consecutive shots when the user presses the camera button one single time. The user can store their photos in the LG KG810's photo album & share their photos with friends using MMS messaging. The camera feature can switch to a video feature which can store & capture video in MPEG4 format. The user can play video footage on their LG KG810 & use the video setting options when recording video footage.

The user can take & send photos to friends & family using the MMS multimedia messaging service. The MMS service provides the user with an easy method of sending & sharing photos or video footage with all those MMS compatible contacts. The phone comes with a SMS text message service which allows the user to create, send & receive a message with text input & the KG810 supports long text messages. The LG KG810 has an email client which allows the user to access their emails in the phones inbox & send emails easily by creating a new message or replying to a sent message.

The phone has preloaded Java™ games which provides the user with fun & entertaining games to enjoy in their leisure time. The user can get themselves organised with the built in calendar feature which will ensure the user never forgets those special & important dates. The KG810 has a calculator feature for all the users accounting needs & a built in clock with alarm feature. The user can use their LG KG810 in offline mode which allows the user to access features such as music & games but disables the calling facilities which means the user can use their mobile phone in offline mode whilst on an airplane or in other mobile phone restricted areas.

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