About LG Phone

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Incite LG is the touch screen design of Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional phone from AT & T. Incite is something a little different from the world of Samsung and HTC touch screen PDA phones that have dominated this year. is small and lightweight, very sharp and bright 240 x 400 pixels and touch-screen service to the community. We like love and accelerometer sensors in the distance (the iPhone is not the only children in the block with the features now) who died when your phone screen to the face and the back if you move the phone away. Incite, which has GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, an FM radio and 3 megapixel camera with the lens automatically.
LG Lotus And now for something completely different: the LG Lotus is a nearly square flip phone with a roomy QWERTY keyboard inside. If you thought the Verizon Blitz was novel looking, the Lotus is truly head-turning. But looks aren't everything, and thankfully the LG impressed us with its very good 2 megapixel camera, excellent Sprint TV performance, integrated document viewer, good GPS, sharp and bright widescreen display and good EVDO speeds. As you'd expect from a QWERTY phone, the Lotus handles IM, texting and personal email.

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