Motorola ROKR E2

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Motorola ROKR E2 is good models
Motorola ROKR E2
Vendor : Motorola
Announcement Date : 01 January 2006
Dimension : 102 x 46.5 x 18 mm
Weight : 117 g
Antenna : Internal
Operating Band : GSM(900, 1800, 1900)
Network Data Support : GPRS Class 10
Primary Screen Size : 240 x 320 pixels
Primary Screen Type : TFT
Primary Screen Color : 262,144 color (18 bits)

Review Motorola ROKR E2 once again kindly stepped up and sent us in the next-generation Motorola Linux-based ROKR-E2 feature phone. In the tradition of the ROKR devices, the E2 is also built around the idea of music on the go, while it's the first Linux phone to have an initial retail cost smaller than $256. Read inside for our detailed review, video and pictures.
In the box (arrived in just two days from Hong Kong) we found the cellphone, an 850 mAh battery, 128 MB transflash-in-SD card, the manual, software CDs, a USB cable, a 3.5mm handsfree and a travel charger. The battery was almost full when the box arrived, but we fully charged it for an extra hour or so too. This feature phone (not a smartphone) features triband GSM, 1.3 MP camera with flash, 11 MBs internal storage, full SD slot, 2.2" QVGA screen, stereo sound, FM radio, 3.5mm audio jack, USB 2.0 charging & file transfer and Bluetooth. The phone is just 107 grams and it feels very good in the hand. The keypad is easily reachable and pressable, except the * 0 and # buttons at the bottom of the phone which are a bit more difficult to press because of their reduced size. The background light on the keypad is very well done and it enables usage in the dark.
Motorola ROKR E2 is good models