Motorola W220

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Motorola W220 is good models

Vendor : Motorola
Announcement Date : 01 February 2006
Dimension : 95 x 46 x 16.7 mm
Weight : 93 g
Antenna : Internal
Operating Band : GSM(900, 1900)
Network Data Support : GPRS Class 10
Primary Screen Size : 128 x 128 pixels, 1.5 inch
Primary Screen Type : CSTN
Primary Screen Color : 4,096 color (12 bits)

Additional Information:
Standard battery, Li-Ion 880 mAh
Stand-by Up to 290 hours
Talk time Up to 8 hours

Review about Motorolla W220
The Motorola W220 is a neat & stylish clamshell mobile phone which offers the user all the day to day feature they require. The phone comes in a black & silver coloured casing which measures 95 x 46 x 16.7 mm. The clamshell designed handset is coated mainly in plastic which feels good to hold & weighs 93 grams which is a good weight for the user to carry around & manage. The portable handset does not have an external screen but does come with three external icons which are large & bright to get the users attention. The external icon will let the user know of any missed calls, incoming messages & battery status by showing a colourful icon on the external casing.

The phone comes with a built in battery which will provide the user with up to 290 hours of standby battery time & up to 8 hours of talk time which will ensure that the user is not forever recharging their handset. The W220 comes with 500 Kbytes of internal memory for storing phone book information & images on. The mobile phone comes with dual band technology which will switch between the two bands automatically & works over GSM 900 & GSM 1800.

Motorola W220 is good models