Samsung W579

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Handphone Samsung W579 is good models
samsung W579
Vendor : Samsung
Announcement Date : 05 November 2006
Dimension : 94.5 x 54 x 21.15 mm
Weight : 133 g
Antenna : Internal
Operating Band : GSM(900, 1800, 1900), CDMA(800, 1900, RUIM)
Network Data Support : GPRS Class 10, EDGE (EGPRS), CDMA 1xRTT
Primary Screen Size : 176 x 144 pixels
Primary Screen Type : OLED
Primary Screen Color : 262,144 color (18 bits)
Secondary Screen Size : 96 x 80 pixels
Secondary Screen Type : TFT
Secondary Screen Color : 65,536 color (16 bits)

The Samsung SCH-W579 was the dual modes cellular phone (GSM and CDMA) that both of them could be active simultaneously. No need to be busy turn on and turn off to change between the networks. With one button, we could choose the network that will be used. Be enough to bring one cellular phone and to be able to use two networks at the same time.

This was the superiority of the cellular phone. It could be active in two networks at the same time. During the new cellular phone restart will have the SIM card choice whatever that will become the main card (CDMA or GSM). When being active, in the screen will appear signal indicator from the two networks (C for CDMA and G for GSM).

# Dual mode could be active simultaneously.
# Handwriting recognition was as fascinating alternative for text message.
# The imaging facility was richer and more fun.
# Touch screen as the choice that more simple for the menu exploration.
# The multimedia feature was moderate complete.

# Possibly the cell phone measurement was too big.
# When could reduced definitely will be more good-looking.
# The built-in memory was only 20MB.
# Stylus pen could not be inserted in the cellular phone body.
# The stylus pen position was hanged annoying during the taking of the photograph.
# If being released, there was the risk of being lost.
Handphone Samsung W579 is good models