Wireless Router Get Started

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After getting started and comparative reviews, this page has links to articles on wireless security, networking utility and security software, and wireless router vendors and product reviews. For information on and tools for wireless hot spots, see our Mobile Security page.
Wireless router s with Internet connection sharing, networking and firewall features are an alternative to Wired routers or Networking Software. Wireless routers are actually wired routers with wireless access points built in so you can have wired and/or wireless at the same time. Another choice is a wireless router with a built-in DSL or cable modem, see the bottom of this page for examples. Finally, you can consider a hardware/software security combo box to connect and protect your home network, see our Broadband Gateways page for more information.
Wireless routers are not as secure as hard wired. If you want wireless and security, read the security articles on this page and be prepared to spend some time setting up the security features of your wireless network. To make this easier, look at wireless utility software.