Tips for Improving Camera Phone

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These days digital cameras are found in a variety of other gadgets - including cell phones. In fact Camera Phones are one of the fastest growing segments of the digital camera market and with the improvements in the quality of what is being offered in some phones (higher megapixels, better lenses, high capacity storage) some believe that they are beginning to win market share away from the low end offerings of many digital camera manufacturers. Our current poll on ‘take anywhere cameras‘ reveals that many of you are using camera phones regularly.
Unfortunately many of the pictures being taken with Camera Phones are poor in quality. This might partially be a result of lower quality cameras - but it is also often a result of poor photographic technique.

Following are 13 tips for Camera Phone owners to help them get the most from their cameras phones:
1. Light Your Subject Well
2. Get Close to Your Subject
3. Keep Still
4. Edit Images Later
5. Don’t Throw Away ‘mistakes’
6. Avoid Using the Digital Zoom
7. Experiment with White Balance
8. Take loads of Shots and Experiment
9. Follow Rules of Composition (and then Break them)
10. Keep Your Lens Clean
11. Observe Camera Phone Etiquette
12. Use the highest resolution possible on your camera phone

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