Next Awesome cell phone, camera phone

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Next Generation Cell Phones for You.
So you decided to take the smartphone plunge in 2008 and pick up an iPhone 3G or a T-Mobile G1, based on Google's Android. That's great. But consider yourself warned: You might soon feel a bit of buyer's remorse. Why? Next year's crop of cell phones is right around the corner, and these shiny new models may have you wishing you had held out a little longer before signing a multiyear contract with a wireless carrier and snapping up a new handset.

What can you expect in 2009? You can look forward to smartphones that sport razor-sharp displays, lightning-fast processing speeds and built-in videoconferencing capabilities, as well as phones with cameras that have the potential to put your point-and-shoot to shame.

I wouldn't bet my iPod that absolutely all of the phones in this slide show will be available in 2009. Most will, but some may never make it. I selected only the phones I think have the best chance of surfacing in the United States in 2009. Read on for a peek at what's on the way.