Wireless Cable

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wireless cableWireless Cable, Wireless Cables Inc, a California corporation, designs, manufactures and sells long range Bluetooth™ based wireless cable-replacement and wireless micro-controller (W-PLC) products, or "Wireless Cables™", under the brand name AIRcable™ for the wireless sensor market.

Our products are designed to be as easy to use as cables. No complex wireless connection software or intimate knowledge of Bluetooth is required to connect your serial device to your PC. For example, when you use our AIRcable USB-Serial, which is not a common Bluetooth dongle product, the Bluetooth software runs inside the hardware module and does not require any Bluetooth software to be installed on your PC.

With our proprietary connection firmware, AIRcable provides the most flexible, powerful and cost effective Bluetooth-Serial product in the market. In addition to the point-to-point, cable mode connection, AIRcable can also be configured to provide Bluetooth service to other devices, to find other Bluetooth devices automatically and more.


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    it's great technology