LG Shine KE970

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LG Shine KE970
LG’s new Tri-band slider phone is called the Shine KE970, but I’m going to call it the Shine from here on in. The first thing I noted about the Shine was that it was well named. Its brushed stainless steel casing is very eye-catching. The main screen on the front of the handset at first glance looks like a mirror, which is actually a little disconcerting. When the phone’s screen isn’t active and you hold the handset up you can see yourself clearly.
I normally don’t care for flat keys, but in this case I found that they were easy to use due to being large and visually well separated. What I found most difficult to get on with was the navigation key system on the front of the casing. There are five controls in all, in a bank beneath the screen. The two soft keys are fine to use, while the two outer buttons are press-only. The middle one includes a vertical scrolling function. Pressing one of the three takes you to Contacts, the device menu and a list of nine favourites. The outer buttons cater for horizontal scrolling, while the central section’s function changes depending on the application you are in. It shoots images or changes volume when music is playing, for example